Anonymous wondered:
i just saw someone say 'If Clara Oswald had a damn problem with his remarks, she’d tell him.' she... isn't a real person... she's a character written by a man. i'd actually prefer it if she didn't just ignore it and accept it


ohHHH my god i don’t care about fictional clara oswald’s fictional feelings on this matter

i care that there are real flesh and blood men — because even if it’s not just moffat HA HA GUESS WHOSE WRITING STAFF IS 100% ENTIRELY ALL MEN ALWAYS — writing these jokes thinking “ha ha i’m so funny” and then not even bothering to have clara tell him to knock it off

i care about what this show is telling the people watching it including little boys learning it’s funny and little girls learning that even if they’re as beautiful as jenna coleman they’ll still not be pretty enough for the doctor to be nice to them


i just almost missed my train because i was taking a personality quiz to find out what fruit I am

the character of rose tyler being lauded for promoting body positivity… ???

billie being a size 8 rather than 6 is not diverse size representation wtf