ok a pair on pointless were just asked to think of an obscure star wars film and they said “star wars: the early years”. then it was ‘planets of the solar system’… they said “Earth”.

this is why i watch pointless.


Wait, in America do university students share actual bedrooms??? What if you want to do something like, idk, get changed without feeling as if someone’s watching you??? What if you need to cry???


He’s single — and has a bit of a crush on a former Companion

"In this job you are guaranteed to meet past and future Team TARDIS, so I’m looking forward to that," [Samuel Anderson] revealed to BM. "Especially in Billie Piper’s case!"

a wise man

danny pink is fit and sweet but i’m so done with soldiers being characterised by their having killed civilians. i don’t care if you cry about it, no

Don’t be lasagna
— 12th doctor (via intobattle)